Sunday, February 22, 2009

kdg2 pelik jugak manusia ni... dlm seminit je bleyh jadi orang lain...

sekejap nampak mcm angel

seminit lepas tuh bleyh jd akuma

lepas tuh jd naive gila

tak paham sungguh aku...

Monday, February 9, 2009

beyond rudeness

yesterday, i was working in library for the closing shift. as usual when its 5.00pm we have to remind the customer that the library is going to be closed at 5.30. so in half an hour, we have to collect books on table on every assigned level, check the bathroom, sutherland room and also switch off all lights. then, 15 mins before the lib closed we have to remind the user especially at the computer area. we are required to remind them at least twice in a very polite manner. for some reason, i always been assigned to do level 2 where the computer area is in. that is my job as a part time student assistant in the library. however, i was so appall by the reaction that we got from one of the customer. it was already 5.30pm and my workmate walk towards the man who is still watching a video of woman boxing on youtube. below are the dialog that they had. WM = workmate, ogre = the "super-polite" man, Lady C = my other work mate, Lady E = the permanent worker, Man J = the other permenent worker, Me= obviously thats moi!

WM: (smile politely as she always does) excuse me sir, its already 5.30 and we are about to close the libr...

Ogre: huh! what did u say i dont understand your english

WM: (still smiling thinking that ogre really have a hard hearing) we closing now its alr......

Ogre: i know! (with loud voice) why you keep harrassing me. i know when i should go

WM: (super embaress) im sorry sir but its already closing time

Ogre: (put both his hand covering his ears and say i'm not listening to you i dont understand your english. go and do something with your english

Lady C who was at the scene shake her head few times appall by the rudeness. in her heart she tought

Lady C: how can he be that rude! thats not the way to treat lady!

Lady C marched to the ogre with an intention of calming him. WM at that time was red with shame and tears starts to form at the dam of her eyes.

Lady C: sir, we are just doing our job. we are not harressing you. im so sorry

Ogre: (stands up and still in loud voice) do you need to come and tell me to leave every five minutes. this is unacceptable. im not coming here so that you can ask me to leave.

Lady C: but sir you have to understand that we just doing our job. the job says that i need to remind the customer that its already time to close the library.

Ogre being so damn hard to pleased just reapeting himself about we harrasing him and intimidating him while WM walk away with frustration drawn on her face and said out loud


ogre still continues his fruitless fight with lady C when me come to the scene a bit shocked by the loud voices.

Ogre: if you keep telling me im not going to go out form this library.
i might stay here even it is time to go.

Lady C: we are just doing our job. we were told to lock the library at 5.30pm. its not our fault

Ogre: im going to bring this up to management

Lady C: go on, im not scared im just doing my job and we are talk politely just now but you being impossible

at that time both of them were facing each other and nearly got into fist fight. im standing like 10 feet away, thinking of every possible thing that could happen if i interfere and if i dont)

they still in the middle of fruitless mouth fight however the ogre starts to make his move out of the computer area. he went past me and his mouth still busy.

Ogre: ....worst library i dont understand what she said terible english bla bla bla

me: ceh bodo punya orang kurang hajau macam bagus sangat gila ka sewel (actually feels good to curse people in language they really dont understand. I wonder if i curse in english will he understand my English?)

then i went to calm Lady C and see if shes okay.

(i actually have a flight to catch so to be continue soon)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

me and gommii

(credit: syaza)
for those who miss me and my wild hair
miss me no more.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my everything S2 S2~~~

You are my everything
넌 나의 모든것이야.

Nothing your love won’t bring
너의 사랑은 모든걸 가져다 줘

My life is yours alone
내 삶은 오직 너의 것이야.

The only love I’ve ever known
오직 내가 알아왔던 단하나의 사랑

Your spirit pulls me through
다른 그 무엇과도 다르게

When nothing else will do
너의 영혼은 나를 끌어당기지

Every night I pray

On bended knee

무릎을 꿇고 기도해
That you will always be
니가 나의 모든것이
My everything

Saturday, September 27, 2008

raya oh raya








~nasib baik aku bli bju baru... hilang ralat nak pakai bju kurung masa raya... at least my gorgeous dress from evolution bleyh cover perasaan ku ini

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

when pickled possum meet Mr Kim

its been a long time... I have a lot of thought of what to write in my blog... but 24 hours per day is not enough..hehhehe... ive been busy lately.... however today...I met Mr Kim early in the morning and im darn happy so let me tell you what happen. I met Mr Kim at quad.. he was waiting for his class to start...same with me wink~~~ we had our little chat. then evil thought *poof* appear on my mind. I start telling him about me fasting today and tell him that I am going to invite him for Hari Raya celebration. He seems so happy about it (his face glows i tell ya) then i tell him that he needs to bring a flower basket, foods that he cooks and also 'duit raya' worth of 20 dolars for me and my flatmates. Then he ask why 20 dolars. I reply "owh 20 is the minimum money that we usually get. My frens used to give me like 50 and my parents always give me more than hundred (its a lie)" then he said " great,txt me like a week before so i can prepare myself and everything that i need to bring" [me laughing inside like mad; hahaha mr kim yg comel tertipu jua kau]after a while, i suddenly remember that i'm fasting and i should not lie or play trick on people (berdosa tuh).then i give him a cute laugh and said that im just kidding ~~ the end.....

at 12.30 i was spazzing on the LLC's net then my fren told me that xanadu is already out. so she help me to find that clip which heechul was in. it is called "don't walk away" and heechul as Sonny is friggin cute... another cute MR KIM.... he sang the whole song and at the middle part somthing happen. there is a scene where he need to pull Kira and ask her not to leave him while singing. unfortunately, he accidentally pulled Kira's rollerskate. i wish i was at home so i can gelak golek2 at their facial expression at that time. both did not expect such thing will happen. heechul actually laugh a lil bit at that part. Heechul being witty and cool continue singing while holding the roller skate as if it is part of the musical. he looks so cute doing that.... ~~ the end

both Mr Kim made pickled possum happy.....~~ the end

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


aint they cute hot sizzling ????
gahhhhh when will i stop goo goo gaa gaas ovr them